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Compiling Arab Forum for Alternatives’ publications On international financial institutions and their impact on the Arab region

September 2023 The World Bank and its policies have a prolonged history in our region. Perhaps its first stop was in the year 1955 when the World Bank refused to finance Egypt’s construction of the High Dam, and the political events and developments that followed changed the face of the region. The role of the Bank and international financial institutions remained limited in certain countries in the region until its role began to expand through preliminary policies in the seventies and agendas and programs in the eighties. The following article published in Mada Masr monitors the development of these policies…

DIFFERENT PATHS TO JUSTICE: The Case of Economy and The Environment

There has lately been a pressing need for elaborate discussion on the possibility of creating an economy based on the common good, one that takes into consideration environmental sustainability and the detrimental effects of climate change. The Arab region is known for its climatic diversity, which was reflected on the variety of repercussions linked to climate change. These include rising temperatures, draught, floods, a decline in agricultural production, and the deterioration of the tourism sector.

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