Forum Team

Director of the Arab Forum for Alternatives (AFA)

Mohamed ElِAgati

Director of the Arab Forum for Alternatives

Researcher & Director of the Arab Forum for Alternatives Social science researcher and Civil society expert, M. Sc. degree in Political Development from Cairo University, Faculty of Economics & Political Sciences, in 2001. El Agati has an extensive experience in the field of non-profit management, as well as researches’ teams, events, and project’s coordination. He worked with diverse range of civil society organization active in development and rights from different countries. He is a sspecialist in the field of political reform in the Arab region, civil society, and social movements. Practice in Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon. Presented several papers in conferences, as well as studies in a number of books and edited scientific journals, including analysis and recommendations for public policy. (All papers and articles on the blog:

Georges Fahmi

Director of Research

Research director at the Arab Forum for Alternatives. Previously, Fahmi was an assistant professor at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. His research focuses on religious actors in democratic transition in the Middle East, the interplay between state and religion in Egypt and Tunisia, and religious minorities and citizenship in Egypt and Syria. He received his PhD in Political Science from the European University Institute in 2013.


Shimaa Elsharkawy

Main Researcher and Programs manager

Main Researcher and Programs Manager at Arab Forum for Alternatives. a Ph.D. Candidate of Political Science at Cairo University. Holds an MSc degree in Political science from Cairo University. Thesis on: “Literature as a source for political thought in Egypt: A study on city and power relations (Cairo as a model). With a 10-year career in research and project coordination and management alongside experience in developing training curricula and giving training sessions to fresh graduates and junior scholars and researchers on public policies and policy recommendation papers writing and research skills. Had a bachelor’s degree in political science from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University in 2011.  Research interests: Urban politics, Political theory, public space, democratization, Municipalities, Public policies, civil society, and social movements, and the relation between literature and politics.

Nissaf Brahmi

Main Researcher & Project Coordinator

Main Researcher at Arab Forum for Alternatives,  holds a master’s degree in political sciences from Al-Manar University, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences in Tunis. She has worked in several civil associations and international organizations since 2011. Before AFA, Nissaf was as a research assistant and project coordinator at the Danish Institute Against Torture in Tunisia, as part of two research projects, the first on urban violence and the second on life in Tunisian prisons.

Assistant Researchers

Mohammad Al Hamoush


Researcher at the Arab Forum for Alternatives. He holds a degree in social sciences from the Lebanese University. His research primarily revolves around labor issues, human rights, and social movements. He is passionate about furthering his academic pursuits in the field of urban sociology and community studies.

Shorouk El Harery

Researcher, had her MScs.

Assistant researcher and project coordinator. She holds a master’s degree from the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, at Cairo University. She holds a BA in political science from the same faculty in 2012. She works on civil society issues, jihadist movements, and democratization. She has some papers published in these fields.


Nisrine Al Ayoubi

Administrative Officer

Nisrine Had a bachelor’s degree in law from the Arab University in Beirut. She worked as an English and Arabic teacher for four years in several schools in Lebanon. She holds trainings in administration.

Mohamed El Sayed

Financial and administrative officer

Financial and Administrative Accountant. He studied at the Lebanese University in Beirut, holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration, accounting and auditing.

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