Objectives and Strategies


  • Providing alternative visions for Arab society development based on scientific basis related to the reality on the ground.
  • Linking both academic and activist dimensions of civil society and related concepts.
  • Linking civil society work with the Arab region's reality, and establishing accountability value.
  • Developing mechanisms to network with international institutions working on reform/change issues.


  • Suggesting analytical visions built on scientific basis in order to provide practical alternatives for the development of Arab societies.
  • Developing scientific and field researches in the field of work.
  • Raising capacity in the field of scientific research. Especially in the field of Policy Recommendation Papers.
  • Expanding cadres interested in democracy with its two dimensions: academic and practical.
  • Supporting the Human Rights approach in different sectors of civil society.
  • Supporting networking locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Exchanging experience that will enable a more globalized approach for the concept of democracy.