Arab Forum for Alternatives

An independent Arab research center that acts as a platform for the interaction of experts and researchers for the purpose of knowledge production and the creation of an alternative discourse in the region. Through Contributing in the creation of alternative spaces and discourses and proposing alternative policies for different players in the public sphere across the Arab region.

Political transformations and social movements: Developments and visions:

The program focuses on political transformations in the region through understanding the internal mechanisms of those transformations and the impact of external developments on them. The program, therefore, is interested in civil society on the theoretical, conceptual, and practical levels as well as the role of social movements.

Social justice and and inequality: Multiple dimensions:

The program focuses on promoting the principles of social justice both theoretically and practically, through analyzing several aspects of inequality in the Arab region and formulating a vision based on an alternative economy that is founded on the principle of justice, participation, and sovereignty. This program is interested in promoting social, economic, and environmental rights and consolidating them.

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