Shimaa ElSharkawy

2 July، 2020

COVID-19 pandemic: Does the mainstream public policies system achieve protection for all?

Executive summary: The COVID-19 pandemic has put the world in front of many challenges regarding public policies and state responses to the spread of the pandemic. […]
5 May، 2020

Youth and the Arab Spring: Same demands and different paths

Introduction: The role played by Arab youth in the protest movements that started in 2010 is undeniably pivotal in steering the wheel for change towards democratic […]
9 July، 2017

Housing policies in alternative economy: Against the commodification of public services

 Introduction: Housing policies in any given state are inseparable from the economic model adopted by this state and which usually ranges between dealing with housing as […]
8 May، 2016

Alternatives’ Papers – Fourth issue (April 2016)

This issue File of the issue: “Phenomena accompanying Egyptian parliamentary elections in 2015” Political participation in Egyptian parliamentary elections after June 30th Mina Samir                                                          2 Performance […]
21 February، 2016

Social justice in the Arab region between street politics and political paths

The concept of social justice was reflected in the discourse of several Arab political platforms whether partisan, parliamentary, or presidential, yet this discourse remains detached from […]
10 January، 2016

Alternatives’ Papers – Third Issue (January 2016)

This issue Follow-ups Iranian nuclear program agreement and the future of the region Arab Forum for Alternatives Topic of the issue    Social movements… A step forward […]
31 December، 2015

Reformation of public services The housing sector in Egypt: The Egyptian Rental Law Experiences and recommendations

Introduction: A large number of Egyptians suffer from housing problems with the number of people living in unofficial housing units ranging between 12 and 20 million[1] […]
29 April، 2015

Alternatives’ Papers, the first issue, April 2015

This Issue: Follow-ups French from Arabic origins: crisis of integration. A Follow –up paper Future of Egyptian-Saudi relations in he light of regional and international changes. […]