Layla Al Riahi

25 April، 2018

The quest for an alternative economy: Social activism in Tunisia as a case in point

Introduction: The restructuring of development patterns has for a long time been part of the official discourse of all political players in Tunisia, whether governments or […]
1 February، 2017

Alternative Economy in the Arab region “Concepts and Issues”

Underlining the drawbacks of the capitalist system and looking into alternative economic solutions started with a number of initiatives that began in the 19th century. These […]
10 January، 2016

Alternatives’ Papers – Third Issue (January 2016)

This issue Follow-ups Iranian nuclear program agreement and the future of the region Arab Forum for Alternatives Topic of the issue    Social movements… A step forward […]
15 December، 2014

Social Justice: Concept and Policies after the Arab Revolutions

When the Arab revolutions erupted in early 2011, social justice was one of the core direct demands, as well as an indirect demand through the use […]