Amr ElShobaki

23 March، 2016

Youths and Radical Groups from the Perspective of Youths

Radical religious groups witnessed three phases of transformation in their contemporary history. They started with big jihadi organizations then were reduced to small cells until big […]
13 February، 2014

parliament in the new Egyptian constitution

Workshops’ Papers presented to the Egyptian Constituent Assembly (C50) in Egypt 1. The Parliament in the 2013’s Draft Constitution (10th September 2013) 2. Bicameralism Vs. Unicamersalism […]
28 March، 2013

Parliament and the New Egyptian Constitution.. Executive Summary and Background

Executive Summary The challenge facing post-revolution Egypt is to draft a new Constitution which meets the aspirations of all Egyptian citizens and which provides a firm […]
4 March، 2013

Toward A New Parliamentary Elections Law

Introduction Laws should not be made especially for a specific political movement or power, except in systems that are authoritarian and oppressive. These laws are supposed […]
4 July، 2012

Radicalism and moderation In the Arab regimes

8 January، 2012

Peaceful Islamist movements and the Challenges