Zuhair Tawfiq

Social disparities and class distinction in the Arab region

Abdelmawla Ismail ,Fadila Akkash ,Fathi alShamikhi ,Heba Khalil ,Joseph Daher ,Khalid Ali ,Maan Dammag ,Mohamed ElAgati ,Mongia Hedfi ,Muhammad Saeed alSaadi ,Omayma Kamal ,Said AL Hashmi ,Toufic Haddad ,Wassim Laabidi ,Zuhair TawfiqCapitalism has since the Industrial Revolution presented itself as the only way towards human progress and the ideal social system. According to capitalist ideologies, society is basically run by the elite in the form of those specialized in political and management sciences, finance, accountancy, and economics, which means a separation between the production process and the management process. In other words, society will be separated from the centers of…

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