Nick Harvey

Political Parties’ Guide to Building Coalitions

Nick Harvey ,Nick Sigler ,Rania ZadaA coalition or electoral alliance is a vehicle by which like-minded political parties can come together to fight an election and/or to collaborate in parliament in order to ensure that their voice and their political beliefs have a better chance of being heard. This is based on the principle that in order to achieve anything in a democracy it is usually far easier when done collectively. And by making it easier for smaller parties to get elected, coalitions or alliances are also a means by which minority views can be heard.

Political Parties and Public Opinion in Egypt

Greg Power ,Mohamed ElAgati ,Nick Harvey ,Nick Sigler ,Sobhi esselaThe purpose of commissioning this poll was to offer all the political parties in Egypt some insight into the issues that most concern the public, the public’s opinion of parties as a whole, and what would be more likely to make them vote for particular candidates and parties.

Electoral Campaigns (Strategies and challenges)

Habiba Mohsen ,Mohamed ElAgati ,Nick Harvey ,Nick Sigler ,Rania ZadaEgyptThe book aims to discuss different strategies used in managing election campaigns, focusing on the case of parliamentary elections in 2011 and the way various political and party blocs stood for election amid the difficult circumstances during the transitional period that followed the January 25 Revolution. At the end of every chapter, an international expert in the field of election campaign management will set out a number of recommendations and summarize international experience in this field

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