Greg Power

Cross- Party Relations and Political Transitions: Negotiations and Compromise

Amr El Shobaki ,Andrew Feinstein ,Greg Power ,Kirk H Sowell ,Sana Mersni ,Stephen Farry ,Sue Griffiths ,Wassim MansouriPolitical Parties have a duty to the public to work together in the interests of the political system as a whole. Although it is important for parties to have distinct political positions, they must be ready to compromise and to reach political settlements at times of transition and serious conflict. Nevertheless, some political parties can see negotiation and compromise as a sign of weakness, particularly at times of crisis and upheaval in the political system.

Political Parties and Public Opinion in Egypt

Greg Power ,Mohamed ElAgati ,Nick Harvey ,Nick Sigler ,Sobhi esselaThe purpose of commissioning this poll was to offer all the political parties in Egypt some insight into the issues that most concern the public, the public’s opinion of parties as a whole, and what would be more likely to make them vote for particular candidates and parties.

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