Fuad ElSalahi

Social Justice: Concept and Policies after the Arab Revolutions

Ayman Abdel Moati ,Fadila Akkash ,Fathi alShamikhi ,Fuad ElSalahi ,Gilbert Ashkar ,Heba Khalil ,Layla Al Riahi ,MahaYahya ,Mohamed ElAgati ,Muhammad Saeed alSaadi ,Rasha Abu Zaki ,Salameh Keileh ,Victorious Bayan Shams ,Wael GamalWhen the Arab revolutions erupted in early 2011, social justice was one of the core direct demands, as well as an indirect demand through the use of slogans such as “dignity” and “freedom”. These two demands are basically associated with social justice in one way or the other. Thus, we cannot underestimate the role of the economic conditions that lack social justice in the outbreak of these revolutions. If…

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