Anthony Mughan

parliament in the new Egyptian constitution

Ahmed Abd Rabou ,Alan Renwick ,Amr ElShobaki ,André SathlerGuimarães ,Anthony Mughan ,Cristina LestonBandeira ,James Connelly ,Maria Teresa Paulo ,Ricardo de João BragaWorkshops’ Papers presented to the Egyptian Constituent Assembly (C50) in Egypt 1. The Parliament in the 2013’s Draft Constitution (10th September 2013) 2. Bicameralism Vs. Unicamersalism in the 2013’s Draft Constitution: International Experiences and Egyptian Context (23rd September 2013) 3. Electoral Systems: Concepts and International Experiences (9th October 2013)

The Egyptian Shura council and the international experiences

Anthony Mughan ,Anyim Ude ,James Selfe ,Mac Harb ,Mani Shankar Aiyar ,Mohamed ElAgati ,Natasha Stott Despoja ,Nico Schrijver ,Nouran AhmedEgyptThe Egyptian Shura Council is one of the most controversial political bodies in Egypt, caught between those who support its continuation and those who believe it should be abolished. This is an old debate in Egyptian politics that dates back to the Council’s founding under President Sadat. However, this debate was given a boost in the wake of the revolution of January 25, 2011 in the context of attempts to revisit the past political legacy and build a new political system…

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