14 July، 2019

The Emergence of the ‘New Right’ in Europe and its views on the main Arab issues

After the defeat of the Nazi-fascist powers in World War II, a first ‘wave’ of Far-Right movements emerged in Europe -as well as elsewhere- in the […]
7 November، 2016

US presidential elections: foreign policy candidate’s program Analysis

Introduction: Presidential elections in the United States come at a critical time for foreign policy. The next American Administration will be facing a number of international […]
7 November، 2016

US presidential elections: Domestic affairs candidate’s program Analysis

Introduction: The 2016 US presidential elections are quite unique whether in terms of the candidates or the domestic context in which the elections are held. This […]
2 November، 2016

The Colombian Peace Process and the new role of Civil Society

In Colombia, only the very elderly can answer the question of how the country was when it was at peace. The remainder of the population has […]
30 November، 2015

Euro-Mediterranean relations: What went wrong? Towards a long-term relation and the role of think tanks in this process

[1] This intervention focuses on tackling the methodology of the Euro-Med relations process rather than discussing particular events and incidents. First, I can describe the approach to […]
4 March، 2015

Policy recommendations to the European Union: Towards a positive role to achieve social justice in the Arab world

  Arab revolutions have shown in the past years that the followed economic models that was backed by the European Union has failed to achieve the […]
8 December، 2013

Egypt& the E.U. Normalization or Crisis?

Egypt heading towards normalization The Egyptian regime is determined to signal its credibility to the West. Its government, specifically as far as economic policy is concerned, […]
30 September، 2012

Conference Report on the future of Iranian-Egyptian relations, September 10, 2012

The Arab Forum for Alternatives (AFA) organized a conference entitled “The future of Iranian- Egyptian Relations”, which was held at the AFA premises on the 10th […]
8 January، 2012

The Changing Dynamics Of Governance In Egypt