5 May، 2020

Youth and the Arab Spring: Same demands and different paths

Introduction: The role played by Arab youth in the protest movements that started in 2010 is undeniably pivotal in steering the wheel for change towards democratic […]
16 September، 2019

Civil Society in the Arab Region: Post-movements changes and Challenges

Mohammed El Agati, Shimaa El Sharkawy, Asmaa Falhi, Riad Al-Subuh, Omar Samir Khalaf, Mohammed Sahbi Al-Khalafawi, Emad Sheikh Dawoud, Riad Issa, Haneen Ali, Mustafa Nasr In […]
4 April، 2019

Synopsis of the book “Protest Movements in the Arab World” (Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Bahrain, Algeria, Syria and Jordan)

Synopsis of the book “Protest Movements in the Arab World” (Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon, Bahrain, Algeria, Syria and Jordan) This book is a collaborative work written by: […]
4 April، 2019

Needs and Demands of Civil society in the Arab region A Field Study (Jordan- Tunisia-Lebanon-Morocco)

Main Researcher: Mohamed El Agati Field Researcher in Lebanon: Mona Khneisser Field Researcher in Tunisia: Nissaf Brahim Field Researcher in Jordan: Ali Assaf Field Researcher in […]
23 March، 2016

Youths and Radical Groups from the Perspective of Youths

Radical religious groups witnessed three phases of transformation in their contemporary history. They started with big jihadi organizations then were reduced to small cells until big […]
20 January، 2016

Commitment to the Party Line: Egyptian and International Experiences

One cannot imagine that the crisis of party-line commitment faced by Egyptian political parties can be tackled or resolved without dealing with a key structural factor […]
26 February، 2015

Social Justice and the civil society between strategies of defense and development

The role of civil society in achieving social justice has emerged with its establishment in the very beginning, even if it was only excluded to the […]
3 June، 2014

Judiciary in Constitutional documents in Arab Spring countries (Egypt- Tunisia- Morocco- Yemen)

Judiciary is one of the main pillars of balance between the three authorities and it plays an important role in the democratic transformation process. It is […]
22 May، 2014

Political Parties and Public Opinion in Egypt

The purpose of commissioning this poll was to offer all the political parties in Egypt some insight into the issues that most concern the public, the […]
28 April، 2014

Youth Movements Post January 25th Liberation thoughts in face of Mubarak’s institutions

Youth movements, that became very active during the transitional period and till now, are among the most important manifestations of new ideas of aiming at changing […]