25 June، 2020

Populism and alternative discourse: The case of the Arab region

Despite the abundance of studies that tackled the Arab region, there are still many issues that require deeper analysis and a more comprehensive insight. The different […]
31 May، 2020

COVID-19 and the crisis of democracy

In late December 2019, the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan. In early 2020, the virus had reached dozens of countries, and […]
3 November، 2019

Towards a New Syrian Constitution: Constitution Drafting Experiences in the Arab region

1 October، 2019

Political Development Crises in the Arab Region: Between Theory and the Implications of Mobility

Mohammed El-Agati, Mina Samir Gabi, Omar Samir Khalaf, Shimaa El-Sharkawy, Yasmin Ayman. The book consists of five-chapters, published by the Arab Forum for Alternatives in 2019. […]
18 May، 2019

Consolidation of citizenship through municipalities in the Arab region

The book is a study of multiple cases of citizenship and its support through the localities. The book includes cases from Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Iraq, Morocco […]
4 April، 2019

Religious institutions Reform in Yemen

Baligh Al Mekhlafi This paper is part of a project that aimed at introducing a vision on institutions reform in the Arab region that tackled media, […]
4 April، 2019

Local elections in Tunisia: Reorder of the political scene:

Nissaf Brahmi The local elections in Tunisia, which began on April 29 for security and military personnel – which is a precedent in the country – […]
4 April، 2019

Politics… and Beware Of It.. The Lebanese Parliamentary Elections, 2018: The Reproduction of the Ruling Class and the Conflict between Alternatives

This paper is a case study about the 2018 Lebanese Parliamentary elections, and it is written by researcher Mona Khneiser the researcher at AFA as an edition […]
4 April، 2019

Institutional Reform: Judiciary in Egypt- theoretical foundations and challenges

By Youssef Ouf 1 This paper is a case study in the book titled Institutional reform in the Arab region (Media, Judiciary, and religious), which is […]
4 April، 2019

Iraqi parliamentary elections: Iraqis from seeking survival to the search for life

By Tariq Qutb The general framework of the paper: This analytical paper of the Iraqi electoral scene in 2018 under the announcement of the Iraqi government […]