21 February، 2021


Project to strengthen civil society organizations working in the field of economic and social rights in North Africa: (2019-2020) in cooperation with the Global Fund for […]
21 February، 2021


1) The Arab region project between regional changes and the international context (2018-2020) in cooperation Open Society Foundation: The aim of the project is to determine the shape of a new order that can be representing the interests of the majority in the region with a focus in particular on issues such as citizenship, justice, […]
21 February، 2021


1) Social Justice and Public Policies: Research and Training,(2018) in cooperation with the Swiss Cooperation Office in Cairo The aim of this project is exploring the possibility […]
21 February، 2021


1) Project “Alternative Economy” (2017) in cooperation with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation – North Africa office The aim of the project is to strengthen the network […]
21 February، 2021


1) Media and Democratic Transition(2016): in cooperation with the Swedish Institute in Alexandria Tackling the nature of the problematic relationship between media and the political process in many countries in the Arab region, a relationship that is characterized with overlap to an extent […]
21 February، 2021


Project of “Training Youth of Political Parties” (2015) in cooperation with the Danish-Egyptian Institute for Dialogue The aim of the project is to strengthen and build the capacities […]
18 February، 2015


The spring of the Arab people, the crisis of the Arab state: Institutional reform and democratic transition in the Arab world This project aims at analyzing the […]
19 February، 2014


Projects in 2013 The left and the Arab spring- Rosa Luxemburg Foreign funding of the civil society in Egypt- Fride organization Political Parties in the Arab […]
20 February، 2013


Youth participation in the Arab Region and the means of participating from non-traditional to Revolutions In collaboration with the Center for Arab Unity Studies during the period […]
21 February، 2012


Towards establishing a think tank to support the Iraqi Parliament (2009-2011) Arab Forum for Alternatives (AFA) in cooperation with Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) and Association […]