Salama Kela

23 November، 2017

Industry as a core foundation of an alternative economy

Introduction: It has become obvious throughout the years social justice is not possible under a capitalist system. The same applies to responding to the basic demands […]
1 February، 2017

Alternative Economy in the Arab region “Concepts and Issues”

Underlining the drawbacks of the capitalist system and looking into alternative economic solutions started with a number of initiatives that began in the 19th century. These […]
21 February، 2016

Social justice in the Arab region between street politics and political paths

The concept of social justice was reflected in the discourse of several Arab political platforms whether partisan, parliamentary, or presidential, yet this discourse remains detached from […]
10 February، 2014

The Left and the Arab Revolutions

It seemed that the Arab revolutions came at the backdrop of a somehow clear absence of the Left factions and forces at the level of action […]