Omar Samir Khalaf

3 November، 2019

Sudan protests and the prospects of change

Introduction: Throughout its history, Sudan witnessed two successful revolutions, one in 1964 and another in 1986, and went through a number of incomplete democratic transitions. Under […]
3 November، 2019

Towards a New Syrian Constitution: Constitution Drafting Experiences in the Arab region

1 October، 2019

Education development Policies in Egypt: towards addressing the phenomenon of informal privatization.

Omar Samir This policy recommendation paper is part of a project between the Arab Forum for Alternatives and the Swiss cooperation office Egypt, entitled “Public Policies […]
1 October، 2019

Political Development Crises in the Arab Region: Between Theory and the Implications of Mobility

Mohammed El-Agati, Mina Samir Gabi, Omar Samir Khalaf, Shimaa El-Sharkawy, Yasmin Ayman. The book consists of five-chapters, published by the Arab Forum for Alternatives in 2019. […]
16 September، 2019

Social justice: Concepts and Applications “Training manual”

This training manual is one of the outputs of a project on social justice concept and policy after the Arab revolutions, published by AFA in collaboration […]
18 May، 2019

International institutions and social justice in the Arab Spring countries

Omar Samir This paper analyzes the roles of the international financial institutions, which are contradictory to the Arab Spring countries, between the mistakes of the past, […]
8 May، 2016

Alternatives’ Papers – Fourth issue (April 2016)

This issue File of the issue: “Phenomena accompanying Egyptian parliamentary elections in 2015” Political participation in Egyptian parliamentary elections after June 30th Mina Samir                                                          2 Performance […]
23 March، 2016

Youths and Radical Groups from the Perspective of Youths

Radical religious groups witnessed three phases of transformation in their contemporary history. They started with big jihadi organizations then were reduced to small cells until big […]
21 February، 2016

Social justice in the Arab region between street politics and political paths

The concept of social justice was reflected in the discourse of several Arab political platforms whether partisan, parliamentary, or presidential, yet this discourse remains detached from […]
13 July، 2015

Alternatives’ Papers, Second Issue (July 2015)

  This issue Follow-ups · Yemeni crisis…an unfinished revolution 1 (A follow-up paper) Topic of the issue · Rise of the left…will it save Greece?: Reading […]