Nouran Ahmed

25 May، 2016

Towards a Code of Conduct in the Egyptian Parliament: International Standards and Problems of the Egyptian Context

25 May، 2016

Relations between Parliament and Other Institutions: Constitutional Principles and Practical Problems

25 May، 2016

The Egyptian Parliament and its Relationship with Civil Society: Challenges and Alternative Solutions

8 May، 2016

Alternatives’ Papers – Fourth issue (April 2016)

This issue File of the issue: “Phenomena accompanying Egyptian parliamentary elections in 2015” Political participation in Egyptian parliamentary elections after June 30th Mina Samir                                                          2 Performance […]
19 April، 2016

Parliamentary Committees: International Standards and Problems of Work in the Egyptian Context

Parliamentary committees contribute to strong and effective government and improve the democratic process.   Committees undertake important work on behalf of the Parliament and especially the function […]
19 April، 2016

Relations between Members of Parliament and their Constituencies: Challenges and International Experiences

New parliamentary elections for 2015, the third entitlement on the road map after the presidential election and the constitution, are about to be held. There seems […]
27 March، 2016

Citizenship and Social Components in the Arab region

Many are confused by the senseless wars now spreading like wildfire throughout the Arab region. Some think that these conflicts have deep-rooted internal causes, such as […]
12 June، 2013

The Egyptian Shura council and the international experiences

The Egyptian Shura Council is one of the most controversial political bodies in Egypt, caught between those who support its continuation and those who believe it […]