Heba Khalil

19 March، 2018

Towards an alternative participatory economy: The role of the state

  Introduction: Any plan for an alternative economy that goes beyond the current capitalist system requires a state with an independent administration as far as decision-making […]
1 February، 2017

Social disparities and class distinction in the Arab region

Capitalism has since the Industrial Revolution presented itself as the only way towards human progress and the ideal social system. According to capitalist ideologies, society is […]
21 February، 2016

Social justice in the Arab region between street politics and political paths

The concept of social justice was reflected in the discourse of several Arab political platforms whether partisan, parliamentary, or presidential, yet this discourse remains detached from […]
29 April، 2015

Alternatives’ Papers, the first issue, April 2015

This Issue: Follow-ups French from Arabic origins: crisis of integration. A Follow –up paper Future of Egyptian-Saudi relations in he light of regional and international changes. […]
4 March، 2015

Policy recommendations to the European Union: Towards a positive role to achieve social justice in the Arab world

  Arab revolutions have shown in the past years that the followed economic models that was backed by the European Union has failed to achieve the […]
15 December، 2014

Social Justice: Concept and Policies after the Arab Revolutions

When the Arab revolutions erupted in early 2011, social justice was one of the core direct demands, as well as an indirect demand through the use […]