Projects in 2013

  1. The left and the Arab spring- Rosa Luxemburg
  2. Foreign funding of the civil society in Egypt- Fride organization
  3. Political Parties in the Arab region- Common Space Initiative.
  4. Training for the political parties on research methods. (The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute) “Dedi”
  5. Enhancing relation between parliamentarians and public policy experts- (Westminster Foundation for Democracy)
    Enhancing the capacities of legislatures in Iraq (Dar Al-Khibrah organization)
  6. Seminar for Egyptian security system reform (Arab Reform Initiative)
  7. The Religious Spring (Swedish Institute Alexandria)
  8. The Parliament and the Constitution (Global Partners Egypt)
  9. Guide for legislative analysis- (Westminster Foundation for Democracy)
  10. The Middle East dialogue: New political and security dynamics (Carnegie Middle East Center)


Policy papers

  1. The prospects and challenges for local CSOs engaged in election observation papers.(Democracy Reporting International)
  2. High commission for elections, Anti discrimination low, Right for flow information, The socio-economic role and mandate (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES)
  3. Law Of Demonstration, A View To A Law That Regulates Rights
  4. The Elections Of The Students’ Unions, The Results And Implications

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