Project: Training for Iraqi University Professors on Human Rights and Democratic Values (June 2008):

In cooperation with Westminster Foundation for Democracy in Oxford U.K. and the University Professors Alliance in Iraq, AFA implemented, a-six month project, that ended in June 2008 by a workshop in Amman – Jordan to train 22 Iraqi academics on issues related to the field of democracy and human rights, protecting it and developing their skills in this field (advocacy and lobbying, good governance, gender and right based approach) The objective of this was to contribute to promoting democratic values in the country, the rule of law, collective work and respecting its values; hoping that this workshop would be a motivator for the trainees to exchange their concluded knowledge and their acquired experiences to the society of academics and to their university students in Iraq.


Workshop: “The Laws of Civil Society: Experiences and Expertise” (May 2008):

In coordination with ICNL, “AFA” organized an advocacy skills training workshop for Egyptian NGOs. This workshop aimed to providing Egyptian NGOs with An analysis for the current NGO’s law in Egypt and models of advanced laws in other countries, also skills for strategies and techniques to help them lobby for civil society law reform (and other issues) in the politically hostile environment of modern Egypt. An additional goal was differentiating between participants’ draft for positive amendments to the Egyptian NGO law. Workshop was attended by 29 participants representing 20 CSO’s in Egypt in addition to experts from Egypt, Moroco, Russia and USA.


Seminar: The future of the reform process in Egypt (April 2008):

In participation of 20 academics, researchers and civil society activists “AFA” organized an Indoor seminar. The papers presented discussed the expected scenarios and ideas for the reform in Egypt and the role of Civil Society in this process.

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