Conference: “The right of free associations and the laws governing CSO” (December 2007):

In partnership with the association of freedom of thoughts and Express Egypt and ICNL in Washington the centre organized in Cairo a two-day Conference. Papers presented the obstacles facing the right of freedom of associations imposed by current laws in Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Syria and Egypt.

Seminar: “Civil Society, Human Rights and Democracy” in the Mashrek region (April 2007):

Organizing a two-day seminar in Alexandria. In cooperation with the EuroMeSCo network, the seminar focused on the topic of Fundamental Rights in the context of political reform process and its reflection on the experience of civil society actors in the Mashrek region. Around 70 participants of the civil society representatives, journalists, experts and practitioners attended. The seminar tackled issues such as Religion and Politics in the public sphere, Women’s Rights and the Reform Process, Protection of Human Rights, Freedom of Expression, Civil Society Challenges. Recommendations regarding Human Rights in the Euro-Mediterranean Agenda where developed during the seminar.

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